Ensuring the Correct Size for Custom Leather Belt

When selecting your custom leather belt size choose a pair of pants that fit well, add 2~4 inches to the waist  size listed on the tag of your pants to get your belt size. If you are  ordering a heavy work belt I would recommend adding 4 inches to the  pants size. Your belt size will not be the overall length of your belt.  We measure our belts from the center hole to where the leather is folded  over to go thru the buckle. Heavy material pants you will need more  length on your belt verses light weight dress pants.

Since 1994 we have been cutting our handmade leather belts from U.S.A. tanned English Bridle leather.

Traditional vegetable tanning of leather is very labor intensive but it  produces a leather that is far superior in quality with it`s own unique character for fine leather goods. The U S steer hides are soaked for two weeks in a vat with  natural tannins derived from tree bark.

The tanned leather is then  drum dyed for a very deep color penetration developing a very unique an  rich finish. After the coloring process the hides are conditioned with  oils an waxes to bring durability an strength into the leather. English  bridle leather is then hot stuffed with tallows and waxes all the way to  the center of the leather. The unique tanning process of English bridle leather is what we prefer in leather to supply you with handmade custom leather belts that will wear for years to come!

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