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  Handmade  Leather Embossed Belts
Since 1994


~~~Full Grain Leather~~~ No fillers or bonded leather used

Fine Detailed Leather Craftsmanship

With years of experience, Special Attention is given to every step in production of your belt. Selecting the best leather, cutting, edging, edge coloring, polishing for a smooth warm touch.

Guaranteed Quality

Shopping for a belt that will be with you for years to come, you came to the right place. We design an craft belts with longevity in mind. From our smooth, creased, stitched, embossed, heavy work an concealed carry belts we do not compromise any quality! High quality nylon thread used throughout. Heated embossing rolls leave a rich warm feel to your fine leather belt an stays permanently.  Lifetime guarantee on workmanship of every belt.

U.S.A. Tanned Leather

Veg-tanning is a natural eco friendly process of tanning leather producing a product that gets better with age. After the tanning process the  leather is drum dyed for deep color penetration then hot-stuffed with oils an tallows, resulting in a High quality veg tanned leather for your belt.

Handmade Full grain Leather Belts

New products are coming soon!

Every Belt is handmade in our shop

Guaranteed not to crack or break

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